Empowered with quality management team to supervise the quality of the products, we offer premium quality chemicals like:

Acetone Liquid parafin Wax (light and heavy) Paraffin Wax
Acetic acid (commercial and glacial) Leather dyes Soda ash
Alum (ferric and non-ferric) Light diesel oil(LDO) Sodium sulphite
Benzene Methanol Sodium bisulphite
Castic soda (lye and flakes) Mineral turpentine(MTO) Sodium thiosulphate(hypo)
Di-Calcium phosphate(DCP) Meg Sodium acetate
Deg MDC Toluene
Ethyl acetate N-butenol Textile dyes
Glober salt Nitro benzene Titanium dioxide
Glycerine Pure salt Urea
Hydrogen peroxide Pesticide raw materials Xylene (ortho and mixed)
FO (Furnace Oil) Diesel (LD & HD) Raisions
Penta Thelic Glycerine